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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of the program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] james: hello, everybody, and welcome to "the nfl today." i'm james brown and i'm joined by the awesome foursome, they
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would be dan, coach, ashanti, and boomer. the giants showed they were for real in their big win over carolina on thursday night. so the question is what other team will prove themselves today? dan: the team that's got to be real is the new york jets and mark sanchez. he has a losing record against the miami dolphins as a starter. he didn't play well last week. miami is very good against the run. that's going to put a lot more pressure on the passing game. you've got the whole tebow circus sitting on his shoulder. and they're looking at san francisco and houston in the next two weeks. they're in a must-win situation a lot of pressure on mark sanchez as a quarterback. if they win, new england gets beat by baltimore and then there's no pressure. bill: the team that's been the jekyll and hyde is the "dallas." they beat the new york giants on opening night and then they go up to seattle and beat 27-7. last year, they finished the season 1-4. tony romo wasn't the problem. it was the defense.
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they have got two good corners in brandon carr, maurice claiborne. they are playing their home opener today. this is a better team than they were last year, the dallas cowboys will be fine. shannon: i'm looking at one of the 20 teams that are 1-1 in the starting season and that's the baltimore ravens and joe flacco. he was a.f.c. offensive player of the week. -- year. last week, he did not play at all. the ravens would have been better served with less flacco and more rice. you tell us you're an elite quarterback, but the one thing elite quarterbacks do in this league is they're consistent. joe flacco, we need to see a little more consistency for you to take that next step. boomer: three teams because of their performance last weekend was horrendous, the bears, you know, the bears, the saints and cowboys, all three have those quarterbacks. one quarterback in particular, jay cutler, who's had a long 10 days that he's had to sit around and listen to all the criticism
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come his way. i believe that all three teams will have great home performances today in front of their home fans and all three will come away with a victory. james: a little less flacco and more rice. time to go around "the nfl today" starting down in new orleans where the winless chiefs visit the saints who are the only 0-2 team in the n.f.c. dr. dan dierdorf is there live. and dan, what's wrong with the saints? any fallout from the bounty gate or something else? >> well, j.b., good afternoon to you. let's be realistic, i don't think a team in the history of this league has had go through what the saints have had to go through, the allegations, the lawsuits, the suspensions from the field to the administrative building. it's been tumultuous as the interim to the interim head coach aaron kromer told us here in new orleans, unfortunately, distractions are the new norm. now drew brees told us that from a players player's perspective,
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they look forward to sundays because getting down on the field it's a release for players. it's a safe haven. you see brees talking to matt cassel of the chiefs. now for the saints on their receiving core, marques colston is still struggling. he's got a plantar fascia issue with his left foot. his effectiveness today is going to be monitored closely. the good news for the saints, devery henderson who missed last week's game with the concussion that he suffered in the opening loss to the redskins is back and he stretches the field. j.b., as i throw it back to you, there's an air of desperation here in new orleans. the loser of this game is going to a dark place. james: wow. thanks for having the finger on the pulse there. folks, now on to washington where robert griffin iii makes his eagerly awaited home debut. solomon wilcots is there. how does a rookie quarterback plan to make it a successful outing against the bengals today? >> well, j.b., you know when you talk to robert griffin iii, you come away with a keen understanding that he is a wise
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soul. he doesn't seem like a rookie quarterback at all. he said that he plans to attack the bengals deep and has an aggressive tendency to creep up to the line of scrimmage. more specifically, he wants to use the running game and play-action pass to attack the bengals safety. this is a bengals defense giving up over 400 yards in each of their first two ballgames. rg3 will be without one of his best wide receivers in pierre garcon who is out with a foot injury for the second consecutive week, j.b. leonard hankerson will start instead. james: all right, solly with a light on the situation there. thank you, buddy. we'll hear from rg3 as well as from his fellow rookie quarterback andrew luck of the colts. that will be later on. there are a lot of battles of the twos today. we have a pair of games involving 2-0 squads. let's start with a clash of two winless teams.
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boomer: dan dierdorf said to the loser of this game is going to be in a dark place. the kansas city chiefs are already there. the greg norman, they made it -- new orleans saints, they made it themselves. it's their own fault when they denied there was a bounty program in place and it went on for three years. i understand there were going to be problems there. we've seen this. sean payton is obviously, a major hole at the top of their organization. they'll win today, i think. this will be the highest scoring game between these two teams. scott pioli was brought in to run this franchise and right now it's on his shoulders that if they lose, he is going to be hearing it loud and clear if he hasn't already in kansas city. shannon: this is not the patriots midwest? boomer: no, without tom brady. shannon: exactly. when you look at the 2 of 0 teams, the philadelphia eagles and arizona cardinals, michael vick, won both ballgames by one point. they've turned the ball over nine points. the arizona cardinals defense is
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better than people give them credit for. they've given up two touchdowns the entire season the blueprint on michael vick is what we thought was unthinkable. teams are blitzing him now. they're not being passive, letting him sit back there and throw the football down the field. i believe the philadelphia eagles win this ballgame today, but if michael vick turns the ball over, arizona cardinals are going to go 3-0. bill: and they're winning these games this year. the other 2-0 team, atlanta goes to san diego. and i think these two teams are probably under the radar. you talk about the n.f.c. south you. talked about new orleans and atlanta, the a.f.c. west, all the focus is on denver and peyton but philip rivers and matt ryan may be having the best two seasons of any quarterback in the national football league. matt ryan has the highest quarterback rating than anybody in the national football league. when you look at these two teams, i still think that the san diego chargers, i like what they did. robert meacham, eddie royal in the off-season. i like the way philip rivers has come out and play. i think san diego finds a way to
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go 3-0 and is a little bit under the radar season so far. dan: pittsburgh at oakland. you look at their defense and they've been impressive against a team. oakland is struggling offensively. polamalu is not going to be in the game. but carson palmer, when your back, mcfadden is your receiver, you know knost not a lot of big plays there. rashard mendenhall is going to be out but they're going to be able to run the ball. jonathan dwyer, very good young player. and isaac redmond, a lot of good young players. the pittsburgh steelers, my lock of the day. bill: i like it. james: right now, it is time to check in with our "nfl today" insider. that would be jason la canfora who is standing by in our newsroom. let's get rolling with it. following all the incidents in week two, what did the nfl tell the teams and the replacement officials this week? >> j.b., it was communicated to
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all the teams that browbeating all the officials won't be tolerated. fines and sanctions will come if they continue. it was a major point of emphasis with the officials themselves. it's a world of alpha males. guys like cowher will push away the referee. they've got to throw the flags, eject guys if you have to that's their mandate for this week. and no progress on the negotiating front. the sides still at an impasse over pensions. james: bill cowher, an alpha male. what's the latest on the brown they scandal? >> scott panchik did not meet. -- scott fujita did not meet. they are working for to have vilma in new york the browns play thursday in new york on friday. talking to people at the league office. they say it's unlikely commissioner goodell rules on
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any new player discipline until after he's talked to fujita. james: ravens wide receiver torrey smith loss his younger brother in a motorcycle accident. what's the status of torre later in tonight's game against new england? >> it's devastating for him and the entire family. he was more of a father figure. the ravens are leaving up to him. if helps to play, he's welcome to he's a couple of hours away with his family. it will be his call as to what he does when they kick off. james: kevin kolb starts at quarterback for arizona today against philadelphia so what's the status of john skelton? >> he's still dealing with that ankle injury. limited in practice. i would be surprised? he's active at all. and if the cardinals keep running, the cardiac cardinals, look for kevin kolb to stay under center. james: and other key injuries? >> a few notes here. matt forte is out this week.
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probably out next week as well. austin collie will not start. he will be a part of the colts' attack. james: thank you, jason. i know you're working on a couple of big stories involving big name running backs. just ahead, peyton manning's shaky performance monday night raised the question will he ever be 100% again if we'll consult with our "nfl today" doctor in a moment. but first, we want to play tribute to our friend, steve sabol who lost his battle with cancer last tuesday. >> for us to just film it the same way television covers it would be abusing our profession as filmmakers. >> steve sabol covered the nfl with the eyes of an artist, as photographer, writer, producer, and director, he set the standard. he lived by a simple mantra -- life is great, football is
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show me the carfax! ask your dealer or go to james: and welcome back live to "the nfl today" where we are pleased to be joined by our "nfl today" doctor on call, dr. neil
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elattrache who performed the surgery on tom brady's knee and operated on the clippers' blake griffin's knee. he is chairman of the chair-man orthopedic foundation which is a consultant for many professional sports teams, including the lakers, kings, and ducks and pga tour. he joins us from los angeles. after watching peyton manning open up with three first quarter picks on monday night, there's been a lot of speculation about whether the i.n.t.s had anything to do with injury or poor decision making. doctor, in your opinion, where is peyton manning in terms of his recovery? >> well, look, it takes nerve injuries about a year and a half to two years to fully recover. his overall measurable arm strength and arm velocity may be close to 100%, but the small nerve fibers that control the fine tune neuromuscular
12:16 pm
coordination has to heal as well. the computer has to heal for their harm to heal perfectly again. we see this recovery happen quicker in the elite athlete. so look out. with every throw he's rebooting and he should improve as the season progresses. boomer: i saw a few of those balls float on peyton manning, but after that third interception, he was 20-29 for 207 yards and a t.d. and played a great football game. but i do believe and you'll see it today in houston. they're going to sit on these intermediate routes until peyton manning starts throwing the ball down the field and is effective. dan: he's going to prove that. peyton manning would sit right here and tell you it was decision making also. he tried to force some balls in there and might have floated but overall, he didn't hang his head after three interceptions. he was right back in there coaching his guys up, had a chance to win the game at the
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end. peyton manning is going to be fine. james: hey, doc, darrelle reeves will start after suffering a concussion. is revis more susceptible to another concussion? >> well, statistically, you are more susceptible with every concussion, however, just like he sat out last week's game there, are specific rules with regard to return to play. the nfl has been very, very careful and put a lot of time and effort into making sure that these guys don't go back until they can objectively return to their normal cognitive function. and so he will be watched closely. there will be people watching this on every play but he wouldn't be back there unless he has returned to a level of cognitive function that would minimalize his risk for recurrent concussion. james: one of the premier tight ends in the league, the patriots' aaron hernandez suffered a high ankle sprain last sunday. how long will he be out and how does this injury differ from a
12:18 pm
regular ankle sprain? >> well, you know, the -- let's see if we can get this to show here. the regular ankle sprain involves the lower ligaments of the outer bones of the ankle to the keystone bone of the ankle. so there's inherent stability because of the geometry of that when those lower ligaments are torn. however, a high ankle bowen sprain tears two bones. they splay apart so that takes a lot longer to heal, to accelerate out of a cut with rotationle force, these guys feel a sensation of discomfort, slipping and instability that takes longer to heal. so this is why it takes these about six to eight weeks to recover for that kind of a position that he plays rather than a low ankle sprain. boomer: all i know is that it hurts like heck and it's going to last and hurt him without question, but this is where wes welker now has to get himself
12:19 pm
involved in this offense. he's been -- i won't say missing. he had a decent game last week. there's a message being sent up there or whatever bill belichick is doing. they did sign kellen winslow jr. but in my estimation, the new england patriots are a very good football team and watch wes welker have a huge game tonight. dan: one of the reasons he wasn't targeted is because of brandon lloyd. they're trying to get him involved more down the field but after hernandez was out of the game, he was targeted 11 times and whatever it is, tom brady knows he can count on wes welker in situations in tight games. he'll be fine. james: i learned something are the doctor. not only the pain that you were talking about but the sensation of instability. doctor, thank you so very much for joining us and we look forward to more of your medical insights right here on "the nfl today." >> thanks, fellows. james: all right, coach. as dan and boomer always say,
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james: getting ready down in miami as jets quarterback, mark sanchez, a third-generation mexican-american and as the league celebrates hispanic month, a reminder, all nfl games broadcast in spanish where availableful simply use the s.a.p. button on your television. you know what, billy gardell must be enjoying success because when he comes on this program, things just liven up a little bit. >> oh, yeah. i'm just happy to be a part of the team.
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james: he's the star of "mike & molly." that comes your way on cbs monday night at 9:30. boomer won the week. boomer: i'm not touching the belt. james: dan finds himself where? dan: i'm only four games back. james: week three, delivered by fedex. let's start with the texans and the broncos. one of our double-header games on cbs. texans look for their first 3-0 start in franchise history. have the number one defense and scoring defense. eight members of the houston staff played for the broncos. ashanti, what are you coming up over there? >> texans. boomer: oh, you took the texans? james: oh, is that why he's covering up? ok. billy g., your thoughts. >> i like the texans because like we're talking before, peyton manning has been handing out wedgeys.
12:25 pm
dan: but you hit the -- oh, no, go ahead. >> he's been hanning down wedgies like a school bully. my brother the minute he got stronger beat me to the ground. that's going to happen. shannon: my defensive m.v.p. is j.j. watt. what concerns me about the denver broncos defense is the inability to -- inability to control the field. bill: houston has played miami and jacksonville with blaine gabbert. they have a combined quarterback rating of 42. it's peyton manning today. denver wins at home. james: what group did ashanti -- booth that ashanti fit in last week? bill: the denver booth. james: patriots lost by two points to arizona. ravens by one point to the eagles. patriots have lost back-to-back in one back-to-back games.
12:26 pm
patriots and ravens. let's select. oh. boomer? boomer: i was going to go with the ravens and i hate to even bring this but with torrey smith with a heavy heart, we don't know if he's going to play and if he does play, we don't know how he's going to play. the spiritual leader of that team, ray lewis will get them together and they'll play hard but tom brady and the new england patriots are a very good team and last weekend was a wake-up call for them. dan: they've got to get ray rice involved and as far as the history with him and the new england patriots, it's very good. i like them at home. james: billy g.? >> i can't pick the ravens because it will be an upheaval at my home in pittsburgh. i've got to go with the pats. [laughter] james: moving on to our weekly pick four where the last man in the standings of course, who is that? dan. pick one of these four games. dan: i like atlanta going into san diego.
12:27 pm
matt ryan, they have some real matchup. and san diego, they've only played tennessee and oakland. now they're playing a real football team. shannon: i'm taking the pittsburgh steelers over the ravens. [laughter] two weeks into the season, one thing we know for certain is that the oakland raiders are not a very good football team. carson palmer turning the football over too much and their defense gave up 30 points to the dolphins last year -- james: last week. shannon: last week. bill: i'm going to take the dallas cowboys. to the tampa bay buccaneers gave up 500 yards. tony decided to throw for 300 and no picks. boomer: green bay packers over the seattle seattle. i'm hoping greg jennings is going to show up but if he doesn't, clay matthews against the chicago bears, showed me all i needed to see. the green bay packers difference back and ready to roll. james: billy's pick. >> the steelers. and also i like to wish my costar, melissa mccarthy good luck tonight. she's up for the emmys which is
12:28 pm
the super bowl in our business. james: good luck. go to -- for the players of the week. coming up as we continue live from new york, our guys will put the replacement refs under further review. plus, last year, eli manning said in answer to a question that yes, indeed he is an elite quarterback. is he the best of the best? meanwhile in miami, reggie bush ran for 172 yards on 26 carries last week. getting set to face the jets. going greene head coach rex ryan said he wants his defense to get physical with bush and "put some halt sauce on him." dan: yeah! james: we'll see what that dan: yeah! james: we'll see what that means.
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james: and welcome back live. here's what's trending on "the nfl today." the saints are hosting the chiefs. ashanti, after an 0-2 start, can new orleans still make the sflaufs shannon: i don't think they will. the atlanta falcons are to be dealt with in the n.f.c. south. james: the bengals take on the redskins. robert griffin iii said "i've never been more embarrassed in my life following baylor's 20-10 loss to t.c.u. and andy dalton." will baylor get their revenge today? bill: yes, j.b., he gets his revenge and they win today. james: the jets face the dolphins. gangrene's offensive coordinator tony sparano takes on his old squad miami. boomer, will we see more of tim tebow in the wildcat today?
12:33 pm
boomer: they better see more of tim tebow. he's making more yards off the field as a hollywood celebrity than he is on the field as a football player. james: ooh. the colts host the winless jags. andrew luck won his first game last week. dan, will luck surpass peyton manning's rookie win total of three? dan: i like what i see in andrew luck and i think he is going to surpass that. he gets to play jacksonville twice, tennessee twice. i say he's going to win six games. james: and bills running back c.j. spiller leads the league in stealing. will spiller win the rushing title this season if boomer: no. most of his yards come off the shotgun formation. they all committed to a conventional running style offense. james: there you have the insight of our experts. and joining us once again, our "nfl today" insider jason la canfora. titans running back, talk about a tough season right now. chris johnson has only 21 yards on 19 carries this season.
12:34 pm
so what's going on in tennessee? jason: i've talked to some scout who is evaluated this closely as well as someone in the titans organization. they're pointing to scheme as a big problem here as much as anything else. when he was chris johnson, he was in a zone blocking scheme busting big runs to the outside. under chris palmer, they want to do more power do. they have the girth that running backs and offensive line to pull it off? a lot are questions questioning off he's set to make $10 million. you wonder if teams start calling about his availability if he and the titans keep struggling. james: wow. atlanta running back michael turner was arrested for d.u.i. early on tuesday morning following the falcons win on monday night. will he be playing today? jason: they've been noncommital about this but he will play and play regularly. he may not start based on the formation because they want to spread those chargers out and try to attack them. he will play regularly and the team and league will wait for the legal process to weigh out.
12:35 pm
james: some news regarding the vikings? jason: yeah, the nfl is set to announce a second game in london as soon as that next month's league meeting the vikings are in line to host that game. minnesota expressed a desire to host multiple games in london moving forward while the stadium is being constructed. also at that meeting, we'll find out the three finalists to host super bowl l. james: all right, jason, thank you so very much. it is time for "the nfl today" blitz" presented by mcdonald's value menu. two weeks into the season, the complaints are growing about the replacement referees. so coach, what do you expect to see today? bill: as jason talked about that the officials now have been given a memo. they're going to start calling fouls and throwing flags for all these extracurricular activities. the players have got to let it go and they've got to move past it because they cannot afford a flag and quit using that as an excuse. i know it's inconsistent and at
12:36 pm
times slow but they have to deal with it and just get on with the game. shannon: what took the replacements so long to throw the flags when the behavior was getting like it was? i look at the replacement like a substitute teacher and i treat a substitute as i did the regular teacher. i didn't do anything where i wouldn't do with the regular teacher but that's not the player's fault that their knowledge of the rules. 11-yard penalty? i have yet to show an 11-yard penalty in the national football league. where they supposed to spot the football. and they're killing the tempo and the flow of the game because they go to the sidelines every single call. did we make the right call? bill: while it is -- the numbers are the same but the inconsistencies is what is creating the frustration and in terms of the length of the game, it is getting longer and disruptive. i would rather get it right and take longer time than to get the thing wrong. james: you sounded the alarm saying this chippiness would get worse if it continued. last season, eli manning answering the question saying he
12:37 pm
is an elite level quarterback. ashanti, is he now the best quarterback in the league? shannon: when you talk about eli and the top five quarterbacks, it's like asking which is heavier? a ton of bricks or a ton of feather? it's still a ton. i give aaron rodgers because he has more consistency than eli manning. is eli great? no question but for my money, i'm taking aaron rodgers. charley: boomer: -- bill: this guy is the best quarterback. what more can he do to prove that he's the best quarterback right now in the game? shannon: was first, right? you asked me. james: let me ask you guys about cam newton. down by a ton of points. you saw what he did when he finally scored a touchdown. you guys have a problem with that? shannon: i do. you're 23 and now you make it 23-6 and you're doing the superman cape. i don't have a problem with this because when i was a sideline, i
12:38 pm
had a towel on my head but you're not the only quarterback that's ever lost a game. stand there in front of the cameras, open your eyes and say hey, it's time for you to grow up, cam. you're not a rookie. we tried to explain this behavior last year. you're in your second year now. it's time to grow up. bill: i don't have a problem with cam newton. yes, and he will grow. he takes it maybe way too serious but that's not a bad problem. i have a problem with a guy like jay cutler. he was in his seventh year right now and some of the antics that he shows on the field to me -- james: the fact that they're continuing? bill: yeah and he's showing out other players. the one thing about cam, it's about him. he has to become more of a leader. jay is singling out his own teammates. james: not a good thing. and we did ask ashanti the question first. what's it like to be a top draft pick with all the high expectations? we'll hear from andrew luck and rg3 after this. >> you got to learn your stuff and be the first and last guy
12:39 pm
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james: welcome back as we continue live on "the nfl today." rookie quarterbacks andrew luck and rg3 are destined to be linked throughout their entire nfl career. last surges griffin won the heisman award with luck finishing second. and in april, luck was selected top overall draft with the redskins taking second. today, they share the pressure of high expectations to turn their teams around. >> with the first pick, the indianapolis colts select andrew luck with the second pick, the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> once the skins made the trade to get me here, the fans are going nuts. it's like a much, much bigger baylor. it's the same thing here.
12:42 pm
>> if there's pressure out there from fans or whatever else, that's great, but, you know, i try not to buy into it. ♪ >> luck throws. touchdown! >> robert's going deep. touchdown, redskins! >> obviously the speed of the games from college to the nfl is always a bump up. i think the big adjustment has been learning a new playbook. >> got to learn a whole new language. that's pretty challenging. after two weeks, we're pretty much acclimated to the league. the next learning curve would be the speed of the game when you get to the playoffs. >> the colts get 1-1. >> obviously nice to get the first win. i don't feel like if we don't get this win, we're not going to win, but it is nice to get out of the way so you don't have that doubt linger in the back of your mind. >> at least you have one win on the books. right now, we're .500 and 1-1. trying to get to 2-1. >> oh, no.
12:43 pm
>> good god, are you kidding me? >> teams are going try to hit me because they don't think i can take a hit. i've proven over my career that i can. it's football. they say they want to get the quarterback out, i don't want to tiptoe the lines of anything that's happened, like bounties, but oh, they were definitely going after me. >> as a quarterback, you have to assume some sort of leadership role, but, you know, i'm not going to come in and demand a bunch of things right away. i realize i'm a rookie. i'm at the bottom end of the totem poll. you've got guys like reggie wayne, donald brown who have played a lot of football. so i defer to them as the leader of the offense realizing? i haven't proved myself in a game, then why should anybody listen to me? >> it's a lot easier when you come out and show them who you are. you've got to show them that you're going to be the first guy and last guy out. and after the first regular season game, we beat the saints. now everybody's bought in. so it's a lot easier for me to go out there and say something and i think they'll listen to me now. >> oh, my gosh, right on the
12:44 pm
button to reggie wayne! touchdown! >> he's done a good job lead his team. hats off to him. it's a great career for him. >> robert looking over the middle. firing. it is caught. touchdown. >> he's a great athlete. he's doing a lot of great things. and it will be fun to watch him the rest of his career. james: i love the fact that both of these guys are quality citizens as shannon said so often, the quarterback needs to be the hardest worker on the team and they both are. bill: lucky, his -- andrew luck, his father played quarterback the way peyton did. andrew luck is further along. you see him seeing the field better. they're doing more conventional things whereas rg3, you're seeing a lot of quick passing, and really cutting the field in half and leaving his receivers one or two. boomer: when you look at andrew luck, there's a lot of things that you look at fathers in the pocket and his presence and his escapibility but when i look at the pocket is not always going to be clean.
12:45 pm
where the linebacker comes, the back misses his block. you see the blitz. he still moves to his left. then he adjusts his feet inside the pocket. makes a throw to the receiver where he can run with it after the catch. excellent job by andrew luck. he has played well in the fourth quarter. and he's always thrown to nine different receivers. he's distributing the ball. he is an excellent quarterback. boomer: they are so much smarter than they were back in yesteryear. let's look at rg3 right here. what coach was talking about. this is a play-action fake. a double play-action fake. there are seven guys in blocking for rg3. there are two guys out in the route. it's pretty simple. when you see your guy wide open, complete it right on the run. they're both going to be very good as are the other young quarterbacks that are playing, tannehill and weeden and russell wilson in seattle. all five of these guys have demonstrated themselves very
12:46 pm
well. shannon: the biggest thing as far as going from one week to the next week was the running game. russell wilson got 100 yards rushing our marshawn lynch. tannehill got 100 rush out of reggie bush. so now, we're not putting the onus on the quarterback to strong drop the ball 30 or 40 times. in order for us to win the football game, we can't have you guys turning the football over. 13 turnovers the first week, only one turnover in week two. bill: cam newton is trying to do all the big numbers but yet, andy dalton go to the playoffs. so i don't care how good you are, you have to be complement bade range game and defense. james: and kudos for the way they're protecting rg3. state of the game presented by state farm. it's time now to double check with your fans. you can tweet your questions to @nfl on cbs or post on
12:47 pm up first, do you think the cardinals will make it with kevin kolb at quarterback? bill: i think he will play the hot hand. and if skelton gets back, i think it won't be because of kevin kolb or skelton. they've got to continue to play good defense. james: anybody else? shannon: they're playing excellent defense. to go what they did to go to new england and beat them in their home building? that speaks a lot. james: some of the fans are asking this. did larry fitzpatrick hurt something in his hand when he signed his contract? shannon: right. james: or ryan fitzpatrick with the bills. shannon: he has been very inconsistent and since he signed that big contract, he has not put up the phone numbers he did leading up to the contract. he cleveland browns defense, they're not the staunchest in the national football league. so i expect ryan fitzpatrick to play better today. >> and apologies to larry because he definitely could
12:48 pm
still play. [laughter] boomer, what is happening to the chiefs and their organization? boomer: you've got to wonder if the patriot way is going to work out the kansas city. this falls on the shoulders of scott pioli. i talked about that in the opening today. there's a lot of pressure out there. they lose today to new orleans, now they go to 0-3. people are questioning his decisions, his draft, the fact that they're going to go with matt cassel, yet another patriot person. something happens to these guys when they leave new england. number one, they can't take tom brady with them. shannon: that's right. boomer: and number two, they're trying to do it like bill belichick and there's only one bill belichick. they have to become their own coach. shannon: the patriot way is tom brady. forget all the belichick and all that other stuff. the patriot way is tom brady. you get him, you win. period. james: dan, what's the deal with rodgers, brees, and tom brady? has the league figured them out? that's what the fan question is. dan: no. these guys are the elite as far as playing in the league. they've won super bowls. what can you say about rodgers?
12:49 pm
shannon: m.v.p.'s. dan: the saints, there's ban lot of pressure on him because the head coach is not there, sean payton. aaron rodgers -- bill: it's their defense. dan: yeah. tom brady last week got a lot of pressure from the cardinals as far as pass rush is concerned but all three of these guys will be fine but for drew brees, he's got to stop forcing things a little bit. james: coach was like what in the world is that question all about? bill: they're fine. james: thank you for your questions and keep them coming. up next, you'll be first on the field for your game when we con on "the nfl today." take a look at robert griffin iii giving his squad ready. >> hey, this is our house. we all know that. if you don't get pumped up for this game right here, you shouldn't even be here. so when we go out here, we're going to make plays. make sure you know that you're going to make the play to win this game, all right? let's go. dominate on three! to check in t. seems simple enough.
12:50 pm
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james: and welcome back, everyone. right now windows simplifies today's matchup in landover as we take you "first on the field." let's send you out to the bengals-redskins contest where kevin harlan and solomon wilcots are stanning -- standing by. gentlemen. kevin: it's a beautiful day in the washington, d.c., area, for
12:53 pm
a couple 1-1 teams and the cincinnati bengals takes on the washington redskins. the nation's capital has a new leader for the hometown skins. rookie quarterback robert griffin iii makes his regular season home game debut in front of a sellout crowd today. and a pleasant good afternoon, everyone. alongside solomon wilcots, i'm kevin harlan. thank you for joining us this afternoon. i guess you can say that robert griffin iii has started his nfl career through rave reviews. solomon: either way, the eye vision reveals he makes plays with his arms and his legs. watch the misdirection, lures them out. buys him more time in the pocket. 60 yards in the air on the money. so we know he can make plays with his arm. watch him do it with his legs. if you don't contain him and allow him to get outside, his mobility will kill your defense.
12:54 pm
his intangibles is off the chart. he plays well beyond his rookie status. kevin: rookie a season ago, we saw andy dalton take the cincinnati to the playoffs, a playoff berth for himself and he brings an incredible amount of confidence this in his second nfl season. solomon: poise is his calling card. last year he was the first rookie quarterback not taken until the first round to play in all 16 games to go in the playoffs. his best comes in the fourth quarter. kevin: and this brings us to the "tools of victory" brought to you by the home depot. solomon: andrew hawkins has emerged as the second weapon for andy dalton. look for him to make some big-time plays. for the redskins, keep an eye on the running back alfred morris. he could have a huge day against the cincinnati bengals' defense.
12:55 pm
as for the keys, they need to have the run defense, force turnovers to win. and the skins need solid play from their backups on defense. kevin: we like to remind you for more home depot player stats log on to this past week we watched a longtime member steve sangal. >> the artist, storyteller and creative genius behind nfl films died this week at the age of 69. please direct your attention to the video board for a salute to this nfl legend. >> if someone were to ask me how would redefine our job at nfl films -- i'd say it is to bring a new understanding to something that has already been seen.
12:56 pm
to give a creative treatment to that has already been seen. to give a creative treatment to reality. ♪
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